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Legal backlinks.  I'm looking for resources to scale legal backlinks.Legal backlinks. I'm looking for resources to scale legal backlinks. Finding it really difficult to earn guest posts in real legal publications because of the level of technical expertise required to write in those blogs. Any insights would be greatly appreciated, thank you! How are you guys getting backlinks for your legal clients?  
Legal backlinks.  I'm looking for resources to scale legal backlinks.

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HARO is a layup if your client is willing to provide quotes.  
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At least the legal niche has unlimited content possibilities, and it is well searched. There are tons of questionable sources online. My strategy would be to establish top authority with the company's content writers. I'd turn them into stars people love to hear from. For this, there needs to be a SEO strategy in place, and a good SEO expert that is able to prepare topics for them. Then they need to excel in copywriting, and learn things that are not necessarily their filled. Once all that is in place, I'd keep consistency for few years, and eventually annihilate the competition. With this, I'd sleep well knowing that future Algorithms won't bring the site down, and many would give the boost. This would get you all the backlinks you want, without ever asking. Af course, all this is providing that website's UX, credibility and other factors are in place.  
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"because of the level of technical expertise required to write in those blogs" Leverage your clients knowledge. Interview, record, transcribe, repurpose into traditional content. Done
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Sent you a pm
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Legal as in not ruled as illegal in a court of law?  
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@fa790 trying really hard to not cry at this "joke"
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@unrivalled1, ok. it finally hit me "legal publications"!  I see so many people asking if it's "legal" to backlink in one way or the other.  
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I'm also in the legal/service provider niche. Following with interest
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I did link building for legal clients for years. It's just about the same as any other type of link building except: 1. You need to have expert content. 2. You should expect a lower response rate. 3. You should also expect a lower link acquisition rate.  
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There is no such thing as legal backlinks. Earning them is another thing. ;-)
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I’m a business owner in the legal/SaaS sector and am actively looking for people to help with whitehat link building! Get in touch if you can help/are interested to help.  
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We write a metric ton of legal content for some of the biggest firms across the USA. If you run into a need for technical (and legally sound) content, feel free to reach out. I can also offer a bit of advice if you’re looking to source your own team  
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Recommend having a look at the content and link profile of Sydney criminal lawyers. They hired well known writers to write click bait which has generated the links. Very good job by their SEO/marketing people
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@urmia18 which one specifically? I’m down the rabbit hole right now and can’t figure out if you means America Sydney or Australia Sydney
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@urmia18 agreed, they’re ranking pretty well across a huge range of queries.  
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We have run legal link aquisition campaign before also.  
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I may be able to help. One of my degrees is in legal studies (pre-law) so I have done a good amount of legal research & writing. I got into law school but decided to pursue business and forgo the massive student debt. PM me of you want to chat.  
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