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Does anyone have an extra power supply for a Gardenspot? I had one die on me and Lightify said its a discontinued product so I can not get a replacement on warranty.  
Does anyone have an extra power supply for a Gardenspot?

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Check the housing on the power supply. It should tell you the voltage rating. Then you can get any PS with the same rating
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Man, I just bought 3 of the starter kits on Amazon 2 weeks ago for 22$. 75$ now. ouch.  
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Yeah me also. Glad i got it when i did.  
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FWIW, I had a Gardenspot power supply die under warranty several years ago and Osram sent me an entire new set of lights - they couldn't/wouldn't just send a PSU. My advice is to also house the power supply in a case which protects it from weather. The power supplies they use are pretty junk (I've had 2-3 die) and the current one seems to have lasted longer since I put it in an enclosure to protect it.  
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