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I have a full house of smart items and I choose zigbee as my standard. Xiaomi temperature sensors, ecobee, keen home, and many others. Most of these are battery operated. What is the best low cost zigbee repeater so I can continue to expand my network? Switches or plug in adapters?  
I have a full house of smart items and I choose zigbee as my standard.

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FYI. Xiaomi sensor are not Zigbee HA compliant, the use their own propritaty zigbee profile. All techy jargon aside, it means they don't play well with most repeaters. The Ikea outlet and the Peanut outlets both mentioned are known exceptions so you are pretty much limited to getting one of those two.  
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If you can't dump the Xiaomi devices - this is the correct answer.  
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@raddi, so the peanut smart plug will work with Xiaomi? I have about 20 of these now and 15 keen vents.  
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These are well thought of and apparently repeat zigbee and Zwave both. Mine come in today (ordered from this same auction) and I will update if any problems. Good price for 5.  
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You can’t get much cheaper than the IKEA Tradfri outlets
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But look at them.  
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Yep, ugly as sin. If @steffin had mentioned “aesthetically pleasing” in his post, I would have kept scrolling  
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Sylvania zigbee plugs run about $17
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Securifi Peanut plug
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My problem with zigbee is that it exists on the same spectrum as wifi. Can lead to interference.  
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If your using Xiaomi the TRÅDFRI work well. I’d recommend the outlet rather than a repeater as it works as a repeater too
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