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Hi, , I'm seeing that all my 12 Zigbee devices (Smartthings, Sylvania, Owon) are "offline" but the Z-wave ones are running properly. Do you have the same problem? Any idea to include them again avoiding reseting of each device?  
Hi,, I'm seeing that all my 12 Zigbee devices (Smartthings, Sylvania, Owon) are "offline"

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From my experience most likely some sort of RF interference caused the devidlces to disconnect, easiest will be to repair the devices will avoid removing them and having to rebuild automation etc.  
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Always worth checking on the IDE (account. smartthings. com) to see if they have ended up in HUB_DISCONNECTED state. If they have, rebooting the hub from the IDE usually clears them. If they are OFFLINE try editing and updating them as that can make them appear online again. You can also go through the pairing process again without removing the device. They'll be found again but will still be the same device so your automations will still work. Two days ago, I had four Zigbee devices go offline over a few hours. No idea why but I got them all back.  
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Sounds like either a Zigbee range issue or a rf radio conflict as @leilani9677 mentioned. Have you recently changed your WiFi gear or settings? 2. 4Ghz WiFi and Zigbee overlap.  
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@anatolia7046 I didn't make any change for a while
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@quirinal7543 still worth looking at. Find out what zigbee channel your hub is using by going to the IDE () and also look at your WiFi router/access point and see if they overlap. (ill find the chart here for you in a moment. ) Also with zigbee devices you can put your hub in pairing mode and re-join your device and it will inherit its existing settings without trashing your automation.  
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Hi guys, thanks for your support, I tried all the advices you mentioned into your posts but my problem have not been solved. Hub is using Zigbee channel 19 and my Wifi is using 5G. Any other suggestion?  
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