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Opinions on cancun mexico?  
Opinions on cancun mexico?

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We stayed in Riviera Maya when we went to Mexico. It’s absolutely beautiful. Cancun was a just strip of massive hotels and nightclubs. We did a trip into cancun and playa del carmen for nightlife and they were amazing nights but nice to go back to tranquility afterwards
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If you're into the club scene and are young and wild then yeah. if not go to the Riviera Maya region lol x
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Not sure which drugs cartel runs this area now
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I did a 2 weeker there. There are a few places worth going to. Cancun isn't one of them! Isla Meujeres is gorgeous as is Tulum. Cancun's hotel zone is hideous and all the bars are massively expensive. Riviera Maya is also beautiful. Cancun, no.  
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We stayed in the crown paradise this was about 9 years ago it was amazing then beautiful would definitely recomend dont know what its like now
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A couple of days in Cancun is enough for a week as it’s quite touristy, then onto a Yucatan highlights tour if you like visiting Mexican pyramids & deep blue oceans.  
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Beach palace is nice  
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Bit like Blackpool on steroids
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I would go to Tulum stunning
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I went to Cancun last year, had an amazing time. Certainly well past my clubbing days. it is beautiful. The excursions are quite expansive but we only went on one. Go for it you wont regret it. x
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Riviera Maya is beautiful! You can have a trip into Cancun and Playa del Carmen. Xcaret trip was amazing. One of my favourite holidays.  
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@specific I second this  
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@childers2232 totally agree.  
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@specific me too, Riu tequila fabb hotel/holiday
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I loved it went to moon Palace Hotel but was years ago x
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We did an excursion that combined ziplining, a cenote swim, a local lunch, a visit to the Coba ruins and tequila shots (only two per person). It was worth every penny. It's a beautiful area.  
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Rivera Maya is a big highway with all inc hotels, not much there but a lovely relaxing holiday at your hotel. I would go again. Would like to go to Cancun x
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Amazing highly recommend the hyatt zilara x
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Playa del carmen much better than cancun
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Amazing , we went to Riviera Maya loved it .  
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Fabulous! We have been 3 times and will definitely be going again. We stayed at now sapphire and now jade. Definitely take a look at their resorts as you won’t be disappointed and I 100% recommend
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Absolutely beautiful!  
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Been 3 times and I love it the people are so friendly stayed at riu caribe and aquamarina, sightseeing is amazing and so is coco bongo
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I’ve been to cancun, I was sent there for a week to work, checking numerous hotels out etc for Cosmos Holidays. Cancun has so much to offer, you can stay on the beach side or the lagoon side. A must night out has to be Coco Bongos which is owned by Jim Carey, best night ever but over 18’s only. I have also been to the Rivière Mayo, this area is more secluded, hotels are separated on a large highway on the beach but you cannot just wander out of the hotels as it’s a highway which is why I love Cancun more. Do not go lower than an official 4* grade and personally I would go through a main operator like TUI as hotel suppliers will tell you it’s a 4* but in reality it may not be.  
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If you want the commercialised Mexico Cancun is the place, if you want untouched Mexico and calm way of life and beautiful villages and adventures, can highly recommend Puerto Vallarta, Pacific coast, we have been several times over the last 5 years and its stunning. We stay at the Riu Palace Pacifico.  
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Love Mexico been Cancun which is lively center at night is youngsters paradise. Coco binges for a night out. Personally prefer the Riviera Maya it's a gated community which feels secure. Close to 5th Avenue for shops restaurants and nightclubs. Plus you can wall along the beautiful beach. Tulum is an area to visit for history. Mexico is beautiful I'm in my early 50s
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Cancun is amazing for clubbing and enjoying time for excursions since most of them. Start from there, would recommend few days, than holbox or Isla mujeres
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