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Hey, just after some advice please. We are supposed to be going to South Africa at beginning of September. Do people think this is unlikely to happen? And if we do get the go ahead do you think South Africa will be dangerous? Trying to work out our best options! Cheers!  
Hey, just after some advice please.

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Yes defo unlikely! X
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The flight is a danger with aircon and other passengers. What about the self isolation
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@seizing in September? She is asking about a trip in 4 months time
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@sepulchral but virus isn't going to be gone there's no cure and no vaccine. Hotels require guests to wear masks bars and common areas are going to closed off and breakfast delivered to your room. A lot of hotels are not planning on opening over Christmas because of reduced numbers of guests it won't pay them to open. So this would have to be in your travel plans
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@seizing it won’t stop international travel. People have to learn to live with this virus as it’s not going anywhere. No one will be expected to self isolate in 4 months time. The world has to keep moving eventually. Things will adapt.  
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My mum runs a hotel. Trust me, I know.  
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Even if you did go, you probably need another 3 weeks of holidays for self isolation lol
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They plan to reopen their borders in November as they're currently closed due to the pandemic.  
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I think September is a long time away and too soon to tell as things are changing quickly
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Sorry to jump on your post but does anybody think that I will be able to go to Mauritius at the beginning of September ? Thank you
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@lordling how on earth can anyone even guess at that? Your guess is as good as anyone else's.  
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Who knows. Its not anyones decision on here as to when the airlines start up again, or when the borders open!  
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@lodgment22 , there is no need to answer with aggression , I was only asking as somebody on here may have had some information regarding Mauritius, you obviously didn’t !  
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I lived in South Africa for 16 years. It's always a little bit dangerous.  
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I would think all this year are just cancelled  P. S. chart about Spanish flu for what we might expect
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I don’t think holidays will start up again fully till next year if you have booked a package holiday don’t cancel until the government says you can’t go which will be nearer the time wait for the holiday company to cancel or you will lose your money good luck xxx
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