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Hi all, I’m looking to book a second holiday to Turkey next sept/October without the kids, we want a lively place with shops, restaurants, bars etc. preferably a beach hotel with all these things around. Any recommendations? Has anyone been to Gumbet? I’m really stuck on where to book. Thanks xx
Hi all, I’m looking to book a second holiday to Turkey next sept/October without the kids, we want

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I’m turkish amd can highly recommend Gumbet. but if you dont like stones on a beach dont choose gumbet most of the beaches there are not sand
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I went to Gumbet a couple of years ago. A great strip with plenty of bars and restaurants! Can't really remember the beach but went further down to the port which is beautiful and some fab boat trips  
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Hisarounu and ouldeniz
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Oludeniz is lovely
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We stayed at Hotel Turquoise in Olu Deniz A/I come out of the hotel turn left a whole row of shops/bars down to the beach  we loved it ☀️ great fakes  we got loads of things x
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Fake Harrods  
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Pasa garden beach hotel is amazing and everything is on your doorstep. Marmaris.  
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Holiday Holic have some fantastic prices on holidays for 2021, could be worth checking them out.  
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@tallbott5489 thank you
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We went to Side last year. Stayed at the Raga fine dining adults only. It was amazing, going to book again as soon as we can.  
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If you’re looking specifically for the kids with water parks etc look at the Tui Blue Hotels (Family Life) they’re brilliant  we were due at this one this year but we’ve transferred it to next year now x
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@aleenaleetha going in June with the kids so just looking for me and fella
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@guajardo15094 you’ll have a fab time  
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First place we went to on Turkey. Early 90s, think if pretty much linked to bodrum now, good base and beach.  
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Olu Deniz 100% It has everything you need.  
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@avow62 thank you x
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@guajardo15094 Pleasure x
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Marmaris is beautiful been going for about 27 years, 60 odd times and never get bored of the place
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