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Supposed to be flying to Prague on Sunday. On our booking it’s not yet saying that it’s cancelled and my partner is worried they won’t cancel it now. I said I can’t see that we will be allowed to fly yet and that it will prob be cancelled soon. Am I correct?  
Supposed to be flying to Prague on Sunday.

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I’d check to see if your airline has any flights going there at the moment. Some are flying to destinations even if you won’t be allowed in when you get there eg Wizzair. They’re allowing citizens of certain countries in only.  
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@rheology we don’t plan on going anyway
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I'm waiting to see if Wizzair are going to cancel our flights to Varna Bulgaria. We were due to fly from Liverpool on 7th but obviously won't because we won't be allowed in, but more importantly because the Foreign and Commonwealth Office have advised against non- essential travel, our travel insurance wouldn't be valid anyway. Wizzair say they are starting flying to Varna from Liverpool at the beginning of June so it's doubtful they will cancel it. If they have sold enough seats to make it viable to fly, they will do so, even with just a few Bulgarians on board or even if the plane is empty due to people not able to go. That way they don't have to refund people. We will then have to claim the flight costs back from our insurance co. but will lose out £150 because of our excesses.  
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