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What are your must have point friendly items from Sam's Club?  
What are your must have point friendly items from Sam's Club?

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Canned chicken breast, whole wheat pasta, Greek yogurt, individual Kirkland flash frozen chicken breasts, light individual cheese servings (Laughing Cow&Cabot Light), Canadian bacon, individual guacamole or organic individual hummus, individual packet organic hard boiled eggs, all veggies and fruits, tofu, individual frozen chicken cordon blu, lean steak, fresh flowers.  
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Healthy choice fudge popsicles . Sugar free Hughes bbq sauce
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Veggie Straws. I buy the box of individual bags. Each bag is 4pts  
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Wings and smart pop
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Topo Chico mineral water, celery, greens, pork tender loin, Santa Fe & Ole Extreme Tortillas,  
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Healthy choice fudge bars, mini tacos and everything bagel crusted cod
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String cheese, hard boiled eggs, fiber one bars, fruit
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And the light mini babybel cheese and cotton candy grapes if they have them!  
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Light babybel cheese, mini tacos, fruit, veggies, Bai and candian bacon.  
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