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What does everyone use for ice cream toppings?! I had sugar free smuckers caramel prior to restarting this journey (been on it for a year but fell off the wagon and went back on it again like 10 times but wasn’t serious. now back for real) & it is literally a million points  sooo any advice? I do the fat free redi whip and Lily’s chocolate chips right now
What does everyone use for ice cream toppings?!

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Sugarfree Smuckers of your choice and some Cool Whip maybe some fresh fruit like strawberries or blueberries
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I don’t do ice cream - I have switched to a DQ fudge bar. It’s only 2 points.  
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I can’t eat ice cream. I will eat too much of it. I’m trying the sugar free outshine bars and ice pops.  
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Why do you have to put a topping on ice cream? Why can’t you just eat the ice cream the way it is? I do. LOL. You can do this.  
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