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Can I count plain old unsweetened tea in my water count for the day?  
Can I count plain old unsweetened tea in my water count for the day?

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If it makes me pee, I count it  
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@bysshe then all my beers/alcohol are zero points!  
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I do! I count all beverages!  
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I thought you couldn’t, due to the caffeine in tea? Am I wrong?  
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@hydrous people go back and forth about this topic. the water in it is hydrating and the caffeine is dehydrating. so who knows‍♀️‍♀️
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@hydrous they change all the time. For awhile they let us count it as half. Now I’m not sure.  
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@jessabell agreed! I mean I only drink water and unsweetened iced tea, don’t drink soda anymore and only drink Gatorade if I’m sick. ‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️
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Absolutely  I do
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I would not count it as water. Herbal sure but not caffeinated tea. For every cup of caffeine you need to replace it with 2 cups of water.  
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@burdine Do you have a link to that? Is that from WW?  
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Id actually subtract
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Definitely not if it's caffeinated!  
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@longdrawnout577 Does WW say that?  
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@essonite Graham I use non-caffeinated.  
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Any thing liquid can count towards your fluid intake. But remember milk, juice and alcohol has calories and has a point value
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I do not count it but it’s really up to you.  
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@essonite Heater Yes, you can count water and tea. please read the article for the skinny on water.  Hope this helps!  
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This is a really good article, too! My dr pointed me to this one years ago.  
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Cantaloupe is an excellet source for water and low sugar.  
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Watermelon, OMG!  
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Yes. I even add organic liquid stevia to mine and a squeeze of lemon juice.  
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