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What is your go to chicken breast recipe? I need some new ideas.  
What is your go to chicken breast recipe?

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This time of year I like to marinate in FF Italian Salad Dressing and then grill it.  
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@ulberto we do this too, and just grill vegetables too. Quick, easy and delicious!  
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My husband made some rockin’ kabobs using Greek yogurt and lemons and other spices that was soooo good! Probably a Bon appetite recipe !  
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R u in canada?  
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Stuffed chicken breast. veggies and cheese top with marinara sauce and more cheese. I have used mozzarella cheese and asparagus or mushrooms, pepper jack cheese and spinach, whatever cheese and veggies you like
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Just made a Tex Mex crock-pot chicken dish. 2 frozen chicken breasts 1 can of blackbeans 1 cup frozen corn 1/2 bell pepper 1 onion 1 tomato cut up 1 cup chicken broth A splash of apple cider vinegar A splash of Frank's hot sauce A few pickled jalapenos Handful of cilantro Salt/pepper/garlic powder
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