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Low point but wallet-friendly protein powder?  
Low point but wallet-friendly protein powder?

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Herbal life is good that is the kind they use where I get my health shakes
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I'd rather buy something over the counter. I don't support MLM's
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@ibsen500 the kind at walmart was 23. 00 but not as good tasted like powder to me but might could have dressed it up more
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Meant walmart sorry but there where 2 different brands and had chocolate and vanilla
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I love dymatize iso100 hydrolyzed protein powder. They are one point each. I don't think any protein powder that tastes good is cheap.  
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I’ve had great luck with Ghost Lifestyle products! They taste great and don’t upset my stomach at all.  
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Arbonne. The Vanilla is really good.  
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Pure Protein 100% whey protein chocolate or vanilla is 3 points per scoop. I use it with unsweetened vanilla almond milk for another 1 point. Both flavors taste good. I have added cinnamon to the vanilla for a change.  
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PB Fit
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Bloom supplements
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BLOOM supps
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