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Does anyone know if Groot has resumed picking up "extra" garbage? (Bags that don't fit into the containers). Also, large items. I don't see the notice on their webpage but I don't want to haul it all to the street only for it not to be taken.  
Does anyone know if Groot has resumed picking up "extra" garbage?

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Perfect! The best part of Spring cleaning is cleaning but not when you now have to look at a pile of garbage bags. Will be glad to see them go.  
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They told me Thursday they are “back”. so I believe you are good!  
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Yes, they did last week.  
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The large item pick up started back up a couple weeks ago, but I believe you are limited to just one item per week. I’m not sure about loose bags of trash, but I did put out a bunch of flattened cardboard boxes this past week and recycling took them. So maybe?  
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I put out a dryer machine box full of stuff and they took it. So yes, they're back to normal.  
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Gina Evans looks like you should be good to go
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