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What trips/holidays did you miss out on this year?  
What trips/holidays did you miss out on this year?

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Our own wedding in Tuscany, Italy
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Florida beach vacation with the family  ☀️ hoping to go in September instead  
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Cancelled trip to Great Smoky Mountains. :(
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My son was supposed to have an up close interaction with seals at the aquarium. That has been cancelled until further notice.  
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Model Schools Conference / Disney World in Orlando
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Disney and Chicago both postponed
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Girlfriends graduation trip in Cancun
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Rio and sao Paolo Brazil  
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Spring break trip to Phoenix to seea friend (driving distance away) and a 2 week trip to Albania in July. There's always next year!  
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Family Wisconsin Dells trip
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Mexico for the weekend, Maldives and Singapore spring break, Hawaii last weekend, Mexico for the summer. I can wait til next year.  
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South Carolina and Florida vacations, Nashville half marathon
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Spring in Santorini, Athens and Mykonos. April 9, 2020 it was for our 25th wedding anniversary.  
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Amsterdam, Brussels, France and Austria. Ill be back!  
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Germany in July, via Iceland.  
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Friends weekend in an AirBnB with an Alanis Morissette concert at the start and hiking Mt Rainier in the middle. The four of us have know each other since middle school and this would have been our first trip as a group.  
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Snowboarding in CO  
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A trip to San Diego with my family. And probably a trip to Hawaii this fall
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Bachelorette weekend in Mexico AND our honeymoon in Hawaii.  
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We had plans in early May for a long weekend in Boston with the kids and a girl's trip to Florida in June.  
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My Mom's 70th Birthday in Germany with an added on vacation in Portugal in April, as well as Comic Con in San Diego in July  
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My honeymoon to Italy  but this set back only gives us an excuse to save up more and think about where we want to go in Italy
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A month long trip to China
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Alaska for 12 days! Got full refunds on everything though, had to press the airline a bit but they gave in
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I was supposed to be in vegas this weekend for my buddy's 40th, then el salvador for a week with him. oh wells :/
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Direct business class flights to France, train through south if france and Swiss alps with business flights out of Switzerland for our babymoon  
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Panama City, Aspen, Boston is tentative
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Disney world family vacation, and work trips to other places (Cali, etc)
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