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90% seller leads arent worth it. My clients are complaining about this- what would you tell them ? Or what qualified question i should ask the leads?  
90% seller leads arent worth it.

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All lead problems are qualifying problems. All of them.  
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Ask a ton of questions in your landing page / lead gen form so you qualify them better. What you should ask completely depends on what you’re selling
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Ask the client why. Marketing qualified leads vs sales qualified leads. They might not be ready to buy but are interested. You may just need to remarket and recycle later.  
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I mean that's literally all a lead is is a more or less qualified customer. What else COULD be the problem? I would say aim for questions that more directly qualify them to be a "buyers mindset. " 1. ) Make them type in their budget and make it mandatory to move forward on the form 2. ) Ask if they've every worked with anyone in that industry before, and if so, who? (do they have a history of valuing your service or is it a new idea too them? ) 3. ) Say ON THE LEAD SHEET we will reach back out too you thanks. Pretty much any idea that grooms or notifies the customer that this IS them asking to purchase something. Your goal is to probe the customer to self identify with being your customer - or rather to HYPERBOLE their intent so loudly that their subconscious mind stays consistent with their actions as a buyer. (Buyer=investor. Rather it be buying someones product, buying someones idea, or even buying that romantic partner is the right one for you) That way when they go to buy or are made an offer they've been extremely prepped to self identify as the customer so their internalized identity is brought lock and key too the sale. Short answer; ask the customer questions concerning the details of their purchasing behavior. If you don't they don't identify with being a customer, they begin to identify as a NON CUSTOMER WHO SOMEONE IS BEING SOLD SOMETHING THEY DON'T WANT, CARE ABOUT, AND HAVE NEVER CARED ABOUT BEFORE. And you don't want that self imposed identity to be created for the sale. Ask deeper purchase questions, make the customer IDENTIFY as your customer.  You would ask a child "are you brave? Yes you are. Go be brave. " As you would sell confidence to somebody, you're selling them the confidence "you're a accomplished purchaser of goods and services that bring you results right? You ARE the type of person who would need THIS kind of marketing, correct? Well what a coincidence here we are. " Like any advertisment, it is about getting the customer to identify with the customer.  
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@thrasonical you know what I’m sayin
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There are some gems in there. Making me reconsider my approach to a struggling campaign
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@thrasonical  hope you kill it brother
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Just literally add like 10-12 questions to qualify a lead. It’s so much easier to gradually take away questions and maintain quality but near impossible to add more and more questions to increase quality. So start with a lot and then take away don’t start with a few then start adding more it’ll cause friction
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What is your number 1 question to actully qualify
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@pandowdy there’s no such thing. Everyone is different the way for you to identify the number 1 question that qualifies your clients seller leads are to plug sub IDs into their CRM to see the data. Otherwise if you can’t see the data in their CRM how can you fix the leads right? So put IDs in their CRM and go back and match them with the leads your company generates and slowly take away questions and then monitor the quality of the leads and play around with it so you can see what your number 1 qualifying question is. Even though there’s no such thing. If you could qualify with just 1 or even 2 or 3 questions. Everyone would be crushing it so that’s my advice to you, add more questions
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Perhaps try a survey funnel.  
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You can even try chats bots to qualify them ask alot of relevant questions like how soon are you looking to sell your property and for an example you will show the real estate agents that you've generated a lead they are looking to sell in 3 months.  
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Your client conversion rate is critical. If it’s not good enough then you end up with no client. You don’t say what kind of business this is but you might be able to improve it by using excluded interests or changing your targeting or relevant creatives copy or all of those
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It could be the way they’re communicating with them. Biggest thing is how fast are they getting back to them? What type of biz?  
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Lots of great suggestions but tough without knowing more. Maybe ask them to share with you some details of these not so good lead under the premise of research etc. Have seen some clients “not so good leads” before that if they were any hotter they’d be on fire    honestly
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If you are generating leads but have not done any work to determine the target client then you are wasting your clients money. Always before doing lead gen you do a strong analysis of the target clients then apply that to your targeting and to the qualifying questions you ask. Leads should be quality rather than quantity.  
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Is this for real estate?  
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Longer lead forms does wonders in cleaning up lead quality. Tirekickers will abandon form leaving only those truly ready to make a move.  
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In my experience avrage fb lead validation is around 30% so its totaly not worth it
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@frasier39912 what you mean ? i should never advertise on fb?  
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Im not posing for en hardcore expert but in my opinion its just better to do leads on website using conversion camp.  
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