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I just want a dang smart wifi switch that is easy to set up. So far on my first try having to reconfigure my internet connection to 2. 4ghz is neither smart, convenient or even working at all. Can anyone recommend affordable switches that work on other bands? Is this a thing?  
I just want a dang smart wifi switch that is easy to set up.

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Pretty much everything not tablet/phone/laptop/pc will be 2. 4ghz. The radios are cheaper and they never need high speed throughput and more range.  
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What is wrong with 2. 4? I use both but 5 is a very short range.  
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Just ditch WiFi switches and get a hub and use zwave j started with with the WiFi Leviton switches and loved them but quickly bailed out and went to Smart things then hubitat
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It just didn't work ‍♂️ I switched my phone to 2. 4ghz, found the device, setup consistently failed. MyTS outdoor smart plug
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Wow. it’s almost like wifi isnt a good method for switches.  
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Bear with me it's my first time
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Stop using wifi devices, and get a proper hub and zwave switches
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Stupid question Alert! Whats the difference between zwave and wifi switches?  
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@volpe1 zwave use their own peer to peer network whereas wifi use your home wifi (need to have it to work) network
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Why would I get a hub for a single device though that seems complicated
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For something that is damn cheap and easy to use look at these  I use them where Z-wave is not practical like out at the gate to control lights.  
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