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I have Google WiFi mesh(3 pucks) and 45 WiFi devices (lifx bulbs, wemo light switches, smart plugs, etc). I’m looking at adding more devices, however, I’ve read a few posts about too many devices clogging network? I don’t see bandwidth clog? I have 500/500 frontier internet. My understanding is that each Google puck can take up to 255 devices. Though not ideal to have too many WiFi devices. Should I be concerned about how many devices I have now? Or is there a limit I should look for? 100? 150? Does the 3 pucks help offload the amount? I do have some things connected to my SmartThings hub, some door sensors from Samsung and August lock (z-wave). Thanks in advance!  
I have Google WiFi mesh(3 pucks) and 45 WiFi devices (lifx bulbs, wemo light switches, smart plugs,

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Your whole system can take 254 devices, unless you are running different subnet
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No at 45 devices you are fine.  
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@kutaisi what number should I avoid? I am looking to add more.  
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What kind of devices? If you have a bunch of cameras for example they take up more bandwidth
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As you can see for yourself, you've got nothing to fear. Unless it's a camera, WiFi devices aren't putting out constant traffic. They periodically will send out a packet to acknowledge they're still alive. That's not resource intensive.  
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@kym I do have a 4 Wyze cams, but nothing that would stress bandwidth.  
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Yeah they only hit your network when they get triggered, and when they send the still alive packet. Not much to worry about there.  
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So how many non heavy bandwidth devices is “safe”?, say smart switches, bulbs, and plugs?  
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I wish that were a question with a simple answer. It's really quite nuanced. My network is 300up/20down and I have even more devices than you, with no stress at all. Part of the reason for that is the router technology. With MU-MIMO on modern routers, you don't have traffic stacking up like you used to. You easily could double, or triple the amount of devices you have, and probably won't even notice a bump. But how many is "safe" just really depends on a ton of factors. That still alive packet is called polling. Some devices do more polling than others, and that varies from firmware to firmware. Devices that poll several times a second, can add up if you have tons of those. Devices that poll once a day are not even really noticeable. It also depends on your network architecture. What kind of through-put your router can do, your modem can do, your smart hub can do, etc. It depends on things like do your AP's have dedicated back channels to the router. There is a lot that effects the max capacity. But, you're safe to rock with what you have until you can't. I don't think you have anything to worry about even if you double or triple your WiFi devices.  
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Is that really 500 Mbits up? Fantastic. If so like others have said no worries. Those cameras tend to take 1 to 2 Mbits up each. Those with only 5 or 6 Mbits up may have issues but you shouldn’t. Your bigger issue will be older 2. 4 G devices may have issues connecting. But if you haven’t seen that you’ll be fine. If you do have issues you may need to change some settings related to MU-MIMO, hopefully not.  
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