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Hubby and I should have been going to Cyprus last week with Fleetway Travel. I’d never booked with this company before - it was a really good Travelzoo deal that we booked back in January. Fleetway have offered us a Refund Credit Note but I’d rather have the money back as we don’t know when we’ll be able to travel again and I’ve got another week away booked in July which I guess will be cancelled too (with a different travel agent! ) Fleetway are saying to claim off my travel insurance to get a refund but my travel insurance seem reluctant to help. They suggest claiming through my credit card company - has anyone else had experience of Fleetway Travel and successfully claimed their refund through other means? Any help or advice much appreciated during these uncertain times. Thanks  
Hubby and I should have been going to Cyprus last week with Fleetway Travel.

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They legally have to offer you a cash refund
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Insist on the cash refund
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Insist on the cash but if your having any issues go to whoever your bank is and see what they can do.  
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You paid cash so you want cash back
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Look up martin Lewis he has advice on these matters and steps to take
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Threaten them with small claims court
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Good luck were waiting on tui getting in touch with us as our holiday is next Fri, no emails nothing from them, I've called them over 430 times, to get a message saying "were extremely busy and taking a lot of calls, call back later" cash refunds must be given by holiday company you booked with, good luck
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Count me in!  
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Yes Defo insist on a cash refund, it's your entitlement due to current situation as they have cancelled, if they refuse then tell them your be claiming it back through your card (assuming you paid with card) they may not like that as they will have to pay charges for the bank to persue the issue, and they may then give it back, if not go through your bank‍♀️
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Are they ABTA covered, only i had this & altough i was covered on my insurance, i refused to do it, so i sent them an email & reminded them, what ABTA states, i think it was 16th April & they back down
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This is the law they are governed by. I was told no refund. Not from your company but still same situation. Quote this law. Watch your refund appear.  
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