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Any ideas/hints /tips on how to do the rest of the bar, please !?! (Back, gap at side and roof) It’s 2 pallets wide. Most of the ones I’ve seen online are smaller. We have 4 pallets the same size to use for the back, and we have other pallets too and plenty of decking and other wood left over from when we built the decking. We plan to strengthen with decking wood behind front of bar which will also add strength, and finish the frame. But not sure how to do back and roof! Thanks in advance. I have commented on a few people’s bar posts for advice, but no response yet.  
Any ideas/hints /tips on how to do the rest of the bar, please !?!

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Are you doing a bar?  
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@chandachandal54 looks lovely. Is yours attached to your fence. Ours can’t be as there is a low wall in front of fence !  
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@vociferous nope fixed to the decking at some points but strong and sturdy! Not going anywhere
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@vociferous nope ours is fixed to decking very sturdy
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@chandachandal54 great thanks. That’s reassuring  
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@tuque50 thanks  was worried about it not being strong enough. But reassured now
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