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Help!?.  I am at a weight loss stall!Help!?. I am at a weight loss stall! I have been on regular keto for 3 months. I lost 12lbs the first month, then 3 lbs the second month, then 0 lbs this month, so 15 lbs total in three months. I had 65lbs to lose, so now 50 left to lose. Yes I am happy I lost the 15lbs, but it stopped entirely no matter what I do!. It really started to stall week two of the second month with zero weight loss for 6 weeks now. I have been strict with this diet never breaking my macros, and I log everything I put into my mouth every day. Just to give you numbers, I average 12 net carbs, 85-100 g of protein, 105-115g fat, sugar alcohols I watch 3-8g (keeping it to erythritol or monk fruit), and I watch calories not to exceed 1600 and average 1400-1500 per day. I drink water, exercise 3-5 times per week. My measurements have not changed either. . WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?!. has anyone else ever experienced this? Any suggestions? Thank you  
Help!?.  I am at a weight loss stall!

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I’m sure I’ll get shunned for saying this but, usually around month 3, I have a cheat day or two at the most. I gain a few lbs but that comes off in a day or two then the weight loss starts again. Maybe just me but works for me.  
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