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Can anyone advise me on lawnmowers please? I have a flymo and I absolutely despise it! I really struggle with it. I have a good size garden so not sure what is best. Many thanks
Can anyone advise me on lawnmowers please?

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I've just spent £150 on one from Argos and it's wicked. My gardens huge and I get round in no time x
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@byblow1 what did you get flymo?  
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This one sorry, 40cm cutting blade. I'll find before and after of my grass x
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Grass was dead under as had been left so long but it's grown back lovely now x
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That's other part of the back x
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@byblow1 Thankyiu I’ll take a look. Done a lovely job of your garden x
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I hated my flymo and got a qualcast cheapie more than 15 years ago. Collects grass. Does the job. Didn't cost a lot
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Mountfield with the briggs and Stratton 125cc hand push from screw fix for £199. 99 or you can get the self propelled for £249. 99.  
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